New laws and stricter regulations, requiring more experience and increased training, have re-shaped our industry landscape. Previously, training requirements were based on project size, with sites under nine stories having few requirements and limited oversight.

In 2017, as a response to an increase in incidents, the NYC Department of Buildings implemented widespread changes and instituted new laws and industry practices. These stricter regulations mandate that workers on any project of four stories or more must be certified to have 40 hours of training, with an eight-hour refresher course every five years. Supervisors must now have 62 hours of initial training, with a 16-hour refresher course every five years.

Fortunately, these standards are nothing new to the experts at Pro Safety. Our consultants are well versed, and up to date, with the ever-changing safety regulations that govern your industry. That’s why, for the past 20 years, Pro Safety has provided clients with highly specialized safety programs and extensive training, designed to keep their employees safe and their costs down. 

At Pro Safety, we are here to help change your approach to safety. We believe that safety is a learned behavior, and the only way to change people’s approach to safety is through extensive training. Safety training is the most valuable, and most critical, service we provide…without proper training, nothing else matters.  

At Pro Safety, we provide any type of safety training our clients need, for any safety area at their plant, construction site, corporate headquarters or agency. Our training programs include the OSHA 10-hour courses for construction and general industry. We can also customize training programs to meet your specific safety needs. Our trainers are all highly qualified, with extensive industry experience. This means our trainers can provide a hands-on approach, and real-life practical applications, to all of our training programs.

We also provide flexibility, offering training any time and any place you need it, to limit interference with your day-to-day operations. And we have instructors who can training classes in Korean, Mandarin, Spanish or virtually any other language. 

Many of the accidents in our industry occur due to carelessness and can be addressed with the proper training…it’s a mindset.

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