At Pro Safety Services, LLC, we are committed to service. We take care of our clients, and treat your business and employees as if they were our own. Pro Safety consultants partner with our clients, and take the time to understand your business needs and safety concerns. This allows us to develop customized safety plans, to meet each client’s specific needs.

At Pro Safety, we are here to help change your approach to safety. Our success comes from our proactive approach, partnering with our clients to build a safety first relationship. Pro Safety consultants are constantly thinking about our clients, anticipating their safety needs and looking at events that can impact their business…such as continuously monitoring weather reports, and advising clients how to manage windstorms, hurricanes, and other potential disasters. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships. At Pro Safety, we work with hundreds of clients; more importantly, nearly all of the companies that started working with us in 1998 are still with us today.  That’s because we deliver results, by taking the time to help companies create and maintain a safety culture.  Our clients rely on us every day to provide safety solutions, to anticipate problems and find ways to help them keep their employees safe and their costs down.

We provide knowledge and expertise in the following four areas:

Service Areas

At Pro Safety Services, LLC, we work with hundreds of clients, each with their own set of safety issues and concerns. We provide a wide range of services, designed to minimize our involvement with your company. That’s right, minimize our involvement. At Pro Safety, we are here to help change your approach to safety. Pro Safety consultants partner with our clients, to help make them more aware of their safety concerns and to take greater responsibility for creating a safety culture. 

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