Helping You Create a Safety CultureAt Pro Safety Services, LLC, we believe that safety is a learned behavior. Our approach is to go beyond safety procedures. We partner with our clients to create and maintain a safety culture, in order to help them keep their employees safe and their costs down.Pro Safety is a recognized leader in safety management. We offer a full range of highly specialized safety programs and services, from auditing and training to providing full-time on-site personnel. Our consultants are well versed, and up to date, with the ever changing safety regulations that govern your industry.

Saving Time and Money

We have helped hundreds of clients to manage their risk and lower their liability exposure, by significantly reducing accidents and injuries. A safer environment is not only more productive, it is also more profitable. Pro Safety clients have saved millions of dollars associated with safety costs, including lower insurance premiums, fewer lost time hours and a significant reduction in agency citations and violations. We also offer a proprietary tool, the Pro Safety Client Portal, providing clients with a secure and convenient way to store, and access, all of their safety information and documentation.Work place safety begins with you. At Pro Safety, we work with companies that take that responsibility very seriously. We want to help you establish a safety first mindset, and to create a safer and more productive environment for your employees.

So take a moment to look through our site, read about our services and call us to see how Pro Safety can help you achieve your safety goals and Change Your Approach to Safety.