At Pro Safety, we are here to help change your approach to safety.  We believe that safety is a learned behavior, and the only way to change people’s approach to safety is through extensive training.  Safety training is the most valuable, and most critical, service we provide…without proper training, nothing else matters.

At Pro Safety, we provide any type of safety training our clients need, for any safety area at their plant, construction site, corporate headquarters or agency.  Our training programs include the OSHA 10-hour courses for construction and general industry.  We can also customize training programs to meet your specific safety needs. Our trainers are all highly qualified, with extensive industry experience.  This means our trainers can provide a hands-on approach, and real-life practical applications, to all of our training programs.

We also provide flexibility, offering training any time and any place you need it, to limit interference with your day-to-day operations.