Being our Eyes & Ears: Bringing our “A Game” Every Day

By Mike McHugh, Vice President

Moretrench is a nationally recognized geotechnical contractor, specializing in subsurface solutions for the underground, industrial and environmental remediation industries. In business for over 85 years, the company designed, built and installed the first practical wellpoint dewatering system in the U.S. Moretrench first hired Pro Safety Services, LLC, about six years ago, to help us with site inspections. Today, Pro Safety handles a number of projects for us; they are an invaluable resource, and a big part of Moretrench’s commitment to safety.

The Moretrench Challenge: On any given day, we work on over three dozen sites in the Metro New York area alone, with anywhere from five to 20 people at each site. The work we do is specialized, it’s underground, and so it has very specific safety nuances. We have a full-time safety director, but he can’t be in all places at all times, and we don’t always have a safety manager at every site. We needed more eyes and ears in the field.

Our primary goal was to keep our people safe, by minimizing accidents and incidents. We also wanted to be more competitive…we were getting more jobs in the private sector, and these companies always look at your safety record before hiring you. Our priority was to create a safety environment, where all of our employees would follow our safety plans and guidelines at all times.

The Solution: We tried a number of different safety companies, but only Pro Safety has the practical, hands on experience we needed. They provide unannounced inspections at many of our sites, making sure our people are doing things the right way and pointing out any safety concerns.

When the team from Pro Safety shows up, unannounced, they are not just another co-worker there to make suggestions. They have a zero tolerance for safety procedures, so our people better be doing things the right way. If not, they will be written up and disciplined.

The Result: The unannounced inspections conducted by Pro Safety have had a huge impact on our business. Over time, we’ve created a safety culture where all of our people, on every site, are bringing their A-game to work every day. This has meant fewer accidents, which means our people are safer and we’ve been able to lower our experience modification rates.

Pro Safety has enhanced our culture, and helped us to change our approach to safety. They are well-versed in a wide range of safety areas. In addition to the site inspections, they provide quarterly training for our people. Pro Safety experts attend our regular safety meetings, to answer our questions, point out potential safety concerns or to simply help us to better understand a safety issue. They have the knowledge and flexibility to help us on a project basis, showing up at a moments notice, with expert guidance in a sticky situation.

At Moretrench, we take safety seriously, and are proud of our commitment to employee safety. Our people are our most important asset, and having a healthy working environment is our first priority. That’s why we partner with Pro Safety…we know that if we ever have a problem, they are there to help us put out the fires.