A Letter from John McCarthy
Founder & President, Pro Safety Services, LLC:

John1ASafety is all about one thing…people. At the end of the day, success in safety management comes down to the well-being of your people. When we opened the doors to Pro Safety Services, LLC, that philosophy is what shaped our vision: Keeping your employees safe is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. That has been our guiding principle for over 15 years.

At Pro Safety, we believe that safety is a learned behavior. That fundamental belief is what guides everything we do, and is what sets us apart from other safety companies. Our approach is to go beyond standard safety procedures, or band-aid solutions that only cover up problems. Our Pro Safety specialists work to find the root cause, and change the behaviors that led to an incident or violation. We understand that accidents do happen. In the long run, by establishing safety as a mindset, we can identify potential hazards, and assist clients in preventing and/or reducing incidents and violations.

At Pro Safety, we’re here to help change your approach to safety. We want to improve your safety culture, by making safety issues a top priority with all of your employees. Starting at the top, and working throughout your organization, we want to help your people become more aware of their surroundings and to consider the safety implications of every decision they make.

If it makes you uncomfortable, it probably isn’t safe. If it looks dangerous, it probably is dangerous. So when in doubt, always think or ask before acting. You can significantly reduce incidents and injuries, by creating a culture where safety is a priority.

Always be safe,

John McCarthy