Corporate Services




We provide corporate safety services, as directed by our clients, for companies that don’t have these capabilities in-house.

Many of our clients understand the importance of building and maintaining a safety culture, but don’t have the resources needed to employ a full-time safety director or safety department.  For those clients, Pro Safety provides a full range of services and safety programs, including corporate programs, site specific programs, training and audits.  We also manage interactions with all safety regulatory agencies and, in the event there is a violation, we will guide you through the agency’s administrative process.

When Pro Safety serves as a company’s safety representative, our clients don’t distinguish us as an outside service.  We are more than just a service provider, we are a business partner.  At the same time, we firmly believe that work place safety begins with you, and we work with companies that take that responsibility very seriously.  We want to help you establish a safety first mindset, and to create a safer and more productive environment for your employees.  We accomplish this by becoming part of your team, standing shoulder to shoulder and partnering with our clients, bringing a hands on approach at every level throughout your organization.